Glendale High School

Pride, Tradition, and Excellence

Student Leadership 2016-2017

ASB President Mariam Ghapantsyan
ASB Vice President Erika Aivazi
ASB Secretary  Arpa Shahbazian
Director of Activities  Esther Kim
Director of Rallies
 Kristen Laulette
Director of Finance Arnab Joshua Karmakar 
Director of Multimedia Melina Puchulutegi 
Director of Academics Elena Rodriguez 
Director of Athletics Ashot Amroyan 
Co-Director of Publicity JaeHyun Yoo 
Co-Director of Publicity William Vartanian 
Director of Nitro Crew Tristen Fabre
Director of Clubs Priscilla Andraos
Director of Organizations Selina Thorossian 
Director of Student Store  Nareh Hovekean 
Director of VAPA             
Christina Gonzalez
Director of Fundraisers       Angelica Tatevosian
Director of Opportunities and Community Service 
 Nicolette Pirjanian
ASB Advisor: Jon Livingston
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Mariam Ghapantsyan
Erika Aivazi
Arpa Shahbazian
Esther Kim
Kristen Laulette
Arnab Joshua Karmakar
Elena Rodriguez
Ashot Amroyan
Jae Hyun Yoo
Angelica Tatevosian
Christina Gonzalez
Melina Puchulutegi
William Vartanian
Tristen Fabre
Priscilla Andraos
Selina Thorossian
Nareh Hovekean
Nicolette Pirjanian
Jon Livingston