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Mandatory AP Pre-Administration Session Make-Up Days


Mandatory AP Pre-Administration Session Information

One of the best ways to save time on AP exam day is to hold a pre-administration session. A preadministration session can save 30-45 minutes or more on exam day. During this session, students will complete their identification/demographic information so they won’t have to take time to do this on exam day.

A preadministration session saves time only if everyone who is taking the exam participates. Exams cannot begin until everyone has completely filled in his or her identification information, so if there are some students who do not participate in the preadministration session, everyone will have to wait until they have finished before starting the exam.

Below you’ll find all the information you need to get the preadministration done.


Pre-administration Session Schedule

ALL AP Students MUST attend this MANDATORY pre-administration session

AP Students must report to Room 180 below the JWPAC at 3:10pm

AP Students must attend one of the sessions based on their last name

Pre-administration should take between 30-45 minutes to complete


Monday, 4/17/17 Students with last names: A-C 

Tuesday, 4/18/17 Students with last names: D-J

Wednesday, 4/19/17 Students with last names: K-M

Thursday, 4/20/17 Students with last names: N-R

Friday, 4/21/17 Students with last names: S-Z


Make-up Session 

Tuesday, 4/25/17  

Wednesday, 4/26/17  

Students who are absent, in an athletic or club event, or who simply cannot make it to their assigned alphabet day need to still make arrangements and come to one of the other pre-administration days or the make-up days. See Dr. Akhverdyan immediately if you still have a conflict in your schedule.